Electric water heaters for a household set-up are usually 51 gallons; about ten gallons larger than most regular gas water heaters. This is for the simple fact that electric heaters will heat much slower than gas heaters. There are many brands out there that manufacture electric heaters. Some of the better quality heaters are A O smith, Rheem, Bradford White, and GE. All of these heaters have a very good guarantee and should last you for years to come.

Electric water heater prices differ from state to state. Some states are closer to the manufacturing factories where the heaters are being assembled and have a lower shipping fee to pay. So when searching for a heater for your house, always think about where and who makes them. If they are shipped from overseas, expect to spend a little more and probably get lower quality.

A O Smith Electric heaters are one of the best out there. They carry a very good warranty, and while their water heater prices might be a little more expensive than others, you’ll see the difference in craftsmanship. This is one of my top-selling heaters, and I never have had a call back on them within a seven-year period, which is about how long a heater of today’s standards will operate trouble-free. Even then, it’s usually a lime build up that destroys the elements; this can’t be to blame on anything but bad water.

Many customers say, “Well my old heater lasted 15 years.” Well 15 years ago, heaters had little to no safety systems and were nothing but ticking time bombs. Today’s codes are much more involved and ensure not only safe operation but efficient operation with temperature and pressure valves of a much better quality that protect the heater from boiling and creating excess pressure. I feel much better knowing that those safety measures are in place. Those same safety components that are put into place to protect you will raise the water heater prices a bit, but they are mandatory for today’s emergency plumber brisbane.

Rheem electric heaters are also a very large name in the field. They are one of the oldest businesses in the market and almost always have decent water heater prices. Their guarantee is one of the better ones out there, and their tech support is awesome. If you’re a home owner, most businesses won’t even talk with you over the phone; however, Rheem is always there for their customers.

Bradford White was our main heater of choice up until a few years ago. They still build an excellent heater, and their water heater prices are very affordable. We would still be using them, but the supplier in our town closed, leaving us with a much higher shipping cost to get the same heaters.

I always recommend any of the above electric water heaters, and I know once you do a little searching, you’ll find that all of the above mentioned companies have very affordable water heater prices.

Water Heater Prices: Electric Application