Here is the development of digital media advertising in Indonesia today which is increasing rapidly. The development of digital advertising agency indonesia can be said quite rapidly. With the development of Indonesia’s growing digital media advertising, Indonesia itself provides a boon to advertising agencies or advertising makers as well as companies that advertise on the way of marketing with the creation of attractive ads.

Increasingly, people in Indonesia are entering the middle class, and are starting to have mobile devices that allow them to see online content begin to increase. These developments increasingly rampant various types of digital media used as a marketing tool, from the start of social media, websites and so forth.

Marketing a product or service using a digital media advertising strategy

Indonesia is in a unique position because population growth coincides with technological developments just as unparalleled. Many companies are now starting to market their products or services directly using digital media advertising strategy, without using traditional media such as TV, Radio, print media such as magazines, daily news, billboards and so forth. This development also increased the e-commerce in Indonesia. Some companies start to create e-commerce websites to market their products or services.

Digital media advertising Indonesia is growing rapidly and improving the economy in Indonesia, just like in other Southeast Asian countries. The growth of this medium will continue at least likely until 2019. Analyze states digital media advertising will be far more effective than using traditional media, because people today are getting used to the internet and so on by using their mobile phone.

Promotion of products or services can also use social media

Promotion of this product or service in addition to the website also often use social media, this can facilitate the product or service in interacting with a potential audience to become customers of the product or service. Content created in Indonesia itself to market its products or services began to be more creative so that it also became one of the factors that cause marketing through digital in Indonesia is quite effective.

More and more features in various media add convenience for companies to market their products or services. Like the live streaming feature, it is a new way to market a product or service directly. Digital media makes it easy for companies to keep an eye on the running campaign. Although the internet connection in Indonesia can be said is still quite slow, but this does not affect advertise with the growing digital media.

Digital media has increased quite rapidly

Digital media even have an increase that can be said quite rapidly. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by tubemogul, the purchase of video ads using social media youtube itself has increased to more than 600%, which is recorded in Southeast Asia. The survey covers Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand as well as Vietnam.

It is increasingly convinced that the digital media in Indonesia is growing very rapidly and advertising campaigns in digital media are quite effective to do. Digital media advertising is already growing quite rapidly, but the development of this digital era will never stop and will continue to advance. Therefore you must continue to prepare to be able to face the digital era in the future which will certainly grow and experience the difference with the present.

You need to be able to adjust and continue to increase your insight into the development of digital media advertising, this will help you not to fall behind in doing the strategy in advertising your business or business.

Development Of Digital Media Advertising Indonesia Today